Episode: Niki Gratrix: Connecting to Abundant Energy By Healing Emotional Trauma

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Niki Gratrix: Connecting to Abundant Energy By Healing Emotional Trauma
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Niki is an award-winning internationally renowned registered nutritionist, mind-body expert and health writer helping people to optimise energy. In 2005 she co-founded one of the largest mind-body clinics in integrative medicine in the UK with patients in 35 countries where she worked as Director of Nutrition until 2010. The clinic specialized in treating Chronic Fatigue, won the award for Outstanding Practice in 2009, and later published a preliminary study in 2012 on its results with patients in the British Medical Journal Open. In August 2015 she hosted the largest ever free online health summit on overcoming fatigue interviewing 29 world leading experts on optimising energy with over 30,000 attendees. See more at The AbundantEnergySummit. She writes regularly for a range of health magazines in both the UK and the US and speaks internationally at health conferences and has appeared on both radio and TV shows. Niki is currently the Education Director at NES Health and SuperCharged a quantum biology technology company.
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