Episode: One World Sports: The Summer Madness Tour

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One World Sports: The Summer Madness Tour
Just as the new domestic club season appears in the road ahead, we set the transition course from a summer tournament that disappointed many, straight into the ongoing saga of Paul Pogba and even explore the change at the top of the England National Team as Big Sam enters the frame. International commentator Tim Caple joins the show to take on these topics and also take a look at the big two clubs in the Bundesliga who are once again exchanging ideas in the transfer market while one of these club is clearly reloading with new names and bright young prospects. This is where we examine all the disappointment with EURO2016 and whether the expanded field of nations was in need of a change from group stages to something more dynamic, if the top players are being underserved in the summer after long club seasons, and exactly how exciting have past competitions been of late. We also take the same hard look at what is the real value of Paul Pogba and what this saga really does represent, and then it is off to the Bundesliga where Mario Gotze seems to be left with one road back to home.

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