Episode: One World Sports: Dutch Disaster and Klinsmann Crumbles

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One World Sports: Dutch Disaster and Klinsmann Crumbles
As the international break comes to a close and club football resumes once again, we take a look back at two national teams with lots of questions to consider as both Holland and the United States have reached a bit of a crossroads with serious answers to consider in October, for both Danny Blind and Jurgen Klinsmann. In segment one, international broadcaster Tim Caple joins Anto for a look at the very troubling signs and results for a Dutch team that has failed to reach top three in its qualifying group for Euro2016 while traditionally smaller powers have emerged and a small number of contenders have shown their credentials as the matches have drawn clear winners and losers. Is this a temporary blip for this world power or are deeper marketplace factors impacting Dutch football, or does the federation need to take a step back like Germany and Belgium once did to take a step forward. In segment two, Jeff Carlisle of ESPN FC gives us the view of where the US National Team is in its preparation for the CONCACAF Cup against Mexico in October, and we examine a number of important issues for Jurgen Klinsmann as midfield balance continues to lead to defensive problems and strikers who cannot get the service required to be credible in attack. We also explore the Klinsmann perceptions that are mounting, his handling of a potential goalkeeper controversy and whether he could be forced to change tack if the match in October presents yet another failure after the shortcomings found during the Gold Cup. In the third and final segment, Aarony Zade from Football Channel Asia gives us the view of South Asia football as reports of unfulfilled promise from the Goal Programme continues to plague the region and we explore some of the key challenges facing national teams in a region often overlooked and caught between the political battles of East and West in the AFC.

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