Episode: ONE World Sports: A Grand Final and A Final Verdict

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ONE World Sports: A Grand Final and A Final Verdict
This time of year is ripe for all kinds of leagues and competitions where titles are won and lost in key battles around the world, including domestic league races, cup and continental competitions and then there are those events that transcend the games for reasons that are deeply connected to the history of the sport itself. This was one of those weeks where the action on the pitch was met with greater resonance and purpose off it as well. Joining Anto this week with these features in mind are two special guests starting with former Australia international defender and Fox Sports broadcaster Ned Zelic who gives us a preview of the A-League Grand Final between Adelaide United and Western Sydney Wanderers and more. Then in part two Gareth Roberts from the Anfield Wrap arrives on the scene to discuss the events from Liverpool this week as the 27 year wait for justice in the matter of Hillsborough finally reached a critical stage. A recent inquest jury has now determined that the 96 victims of that stadium disaster were unlawfully killed and that there were police failings which directly had an impact on the tragedy of that day in April 1989. We discuss several areas of the case and what next for the families and a football club which lived through the horrors of that day as the search for justice meets its long anticipated destination.

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