Episode: BTP Premium: Triumph, Tours and Transfers

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BTP Premium: Triumph, Tours and Transfers
Since the end of EURO2016 much has been said about the quality on the pitch and perhaps even more about how few goals have been scored, but for Anto and Phil the competition itself revealed so much more about the sport, where it's headed and told us even more about one of its reigning superstars who has now matched his club exploits with a trophy that will distinguish him among the greats. Make no mistake about it, when we look back at this tournament we will remember Cristiano Ronaldo declaring it the highlight of his career, but we will also remember Iceland, Wales and several other stories that should not be forgotten and perhaps heed the warning that our players are being pushed well past the brink of what we should expect from them. Then in segment two (at 16:10) Liverpool legend and club ambassador Gary McAllister makes an appearance to give us a look at the Reds in the offseason and what to expect as Jurgen Klopp leads his team to the United States for a summer tour. We discuss some new arrivals, a couple of the young players to watch out for and Gary takes us back to that special season in 2000-01 when he was the architect of some brilliant moments at Anfield. In segment three, Anto and Phil take on some transfer news and analysis and begin to weigh the impact of how China is beginning to make supporters and pundits nervous with the billions in spending, leaving them unsure about the future. How this begins to shape the sport is still unknown, but it will have an impact on how fans watch and interact with the game and it is no way slowing down.

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