Episode: BTP Premium: Brexit Sized Problems in Britain

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BTP Premium: Brexit Sized Problems in Britain
In the days leading to a very important and hugely polarizing referendum in the UK, Anto is joined by Daniel Geey of Sheridans of London to consider some key ramifications of leaving the European Union for English football and the Premier League, in particular. Work Permits, Quotas, Free Movement of Goods and Services are just some of the topics discussed in this episode as other significant impacts in terms of player allocation and youth player recruitment are also evaluated as well. How will domestic competitions such as the FA Cup and League Cup be handled as well, given unintended outcomes in an evolving relationship between local governing bodies and the league entities themselves would likely emerge. One of the fundamental pillars of the current EU Treaty framework prohibits discrimination on the grounds of nationality. Should Brexit come to pass, many believe that discriminating against non-UK nationals through nationality quotas, as one example, could be imposed to promote the national team thus exposing more English players to top level football.

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