Episode: #216: Brock Shinen on The Worship Music Industry [Podcast]

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#216: Brock Shinen on The Worship Music Industry [Podcast]

Are you a songwriter? Do you and your team write songs for the local church and have a desire to record that music? Maybe you already have.

Honestly, there’s no better guy to talk to than Brock Shinen. Brock is an attorney with a passion for the local church that helps numerous artists in the Christian Music space.

In this interview we talk about the worship music industry, horror stories, success stories, and Brock’s new online course.

If you’re a creative in the church, you don’t want to miss this one!

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In This Episode You’ll Hear More About:

  • Braising lamb and why it’s awesome
  • Brock’s journey of being an attorney and serving the worship community
  • The pros and cons of “the worship industry”
  • Why Brock created The Worship Music Industry Course
  • Moving beyond creating an album
  • The importance of clarity and unity between creative and executive pastors
  • Horror stories of local churches and worship recordings
  • You finished the album. Now what?
  • The importance of great marketing
  • How to frame your marketing

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