Episode: 017 - #PodSession with General/Trauma Surgeon Dr. Buck Parker

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017 - #PodSession with General/Trauma Surgeon Dr. Buck Parker

Today’s episode is a new edition to our #PodSession series where we chat with our favorite guests. Dr. Buck Parker, MD is a General and Trauma Surgeon as well as a frequent cast member on celebrity reality TV Shows. We talk a little bit about his most recent experience on the television show The Proposal, and how he got involved in reality television. We also dive into his experience starting out as a young doctor, going into private practice, and we include some learning on Gallbladders!

Dr. Buck, leant me some good advice a few months ago after I found out that I did not match through the national resident match. It was a tough experience finding out you did not match, when all your friends were celebrating and posting their well deserved success. Fortunately, there was a happy ending to my story and and to Dr. Buck’s as well, and it just shows that this did not define either one of us. The last 15 minutes of this episode were dedicated to anyone who might feel scared about not matching into residency or anyone else for that matter who may be facing any kind of adversity.

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