Episode: Morning Revisited by Raksin

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Morning Revisited by Raksin
OK, if your dad wrote music for silent movies and you want to write music yourself, does that increase the odds you’ll end up a film composer, too? That was the case with David Raksin, who was born in Philadelphia in 1912, and who died in Los Angeles on today’s date in 2004. When he was 23, Raksin moved to Hollywood to help Charlie Chaplin arrange Chaplin’s own music for the film, ''Modern Times,'' and stayed on in Hollywood, working without credit on dozens of B-rated films. A big break came in 1944 with the tremendous success of Raksin’s haunting score for the 1944 film noir classic, “Laura.” By the time of his death, Raksin had written scores for hundreds of films and TV shows. In 1960, for the Horn Club of Los Angeles, Raksin wrote “Morning Revisited.” Raksin explained the odd title as follows: “They needed a piece [for] their entire ensemble … two antiphonal groups of six French horns, four Wagner tubas, a baritone horn, two contrabass tubas, and seven timpani. I was busy working on a picture, so I'd start work at four or five a.m., and that's how I wrote ’Morning Revisited.’”

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