Episode: AI007 The Pros and Cons of Angel Syndicates with Nick Moran

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AI007 The Pros and Cons of Angel Syndicates with Nick Moran

Nick is a co-founder and Managing Director of New Stack Ventures and Moran Capital Partners. Nick has been an angel investor since 2013 and is also the host of The Full Ratchet podcast, a more advanced podcast on angel investing. Nick shares his insights on what angel syndicates are, what to look for when joining a syndicate, and the difference between an angel group versus an angel syndicate.

Show Highlights

  • 00:45 - Thank you for rating Angel Investing podcast on iTunes!
  • 03:00 - What did Nick do before he became an angel investor?
  • 07:40 - How did Nick get started in angel investing?
  • 10:40 - Nick's podcast is like angel investing 201.
  • 10:50 - How did Nick come up with the name for his podcast?
  • 16:10 - Who is listening to Nick's podcast?
  • 20:25 - What are angel syndicates?
  • 30:00 - What should you look for in an syndicate?
  • 32:00 - What is Nick's investment philosophy?
  • 34:40 - Start investing broadly and then narrow it down as you get more experience.
  • 40:00 - Make small investments in the first ten or so deals.
  • 43:05 - Nick gives a shout out to two of his favorite startups right now.
  • 45:25 - Final piece of advice for angel investors?
  • 47:00 - Don't forget to sign up to Nick's newsletter.


Angel investing is a really hard thing to learn and it does take time.

I always recommend to new angel investors to make small investments for the first ten or so deals.

The better connected you are, the better opportunities you're going to see.

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Angel Investing Podcast

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