Episode: Podcast Episode 227: How to Handle Parenting a Stepchild (Hint: It’s not Complicated!)

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Podcast Episode 227: How to Handle Parenting a Stepchild (Hint: It’s not Complicated!)

In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy


On this week’s episode, I answer a listener question on the differences—or lack thereof—between parenting your child and parenting a stepchild.


The reason people are concerned about this is because of the way a lot of us were parented.

  • You can’t say to a stepchild, “As long as you’re my son,” or, “I’m your father and you have to listen to me,” because you know they’re going to say you’re not their father.
  • These are phrases parents say anyway because they think saying those things works.
  • You want to parent a stepchild the same way you parent your own biological child.


It all folds into what makes people really change; it only takes two things:

  • (1) What’s in it for them? And (2) proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the change will pay off.
  • To make sure those two things are fulfilled, communication is key.
  • You have to know the kid and the desires of their heart.
  • When you’re able to explain that how you act is not just an opportunity, but money…it won’t matter if they’re your stepkid, biological kid, or the kid down the street.


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Tune in to hear about the conversation and approach Andy took when teaching Austin how his behavior can directly improve his opportunities. You’ll also find Andy’s special vocal performance below.



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