Episode: ITl204: How a Mistake-Prone Kid Can Become a Highly Productive Adult

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ITl204: How a Mistake-Prone Kid Can Become a Highly Productive Adult

On this week’s episode, I talk about why it’s important to let your kids make mistakes, and how “treading water” in life means you’re not only failing to get ahead but actually losing ground.


Not too long ago the boys had a movie they brought to me and asked if they could watch it.

  • I looked at it and kind of paused before saying, “yes, you can watch it.”
  • As they walked away I said, “You can watch it if you want to.” They stopped and of course wondered why I said it like that.
  • I told them that we choose what we watch and read, and we also choose what we won’t watch and read. How we think becomes who we are.
  • The movie wasn’t really good or bad, just a time-waster. But in the current of life you’re either swimming upstream or you are being swept away. If you’re just treading water, you’re headed downstream.


We want our kids to grow up to be productive, influential, and purposeful adults.

  • Sometimes it’s okay to let our kids lose money or time.
  • It’s much better that they learn these things at a younger age when we as parents can be there with the net to catch them.


Tune in to the full episode to hear the direction I intentionally face in my office, and who is always looking down on me from my office ceiling.


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