Episode: ITL196: Communication Gaps Between the Sexes Explained!

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ITL196: Communication Gaps Between the Sexes Explained!

On this week’s episode, I answer a listener question about people who have a different style of communication than yours.


When you get down to the way people communicate, there are so many differences.

  • I will never forget the time a friend and his wife were over at our house, and Polly called the boys twice to come greet the guests.
  • I lean my head in the room and let them know their mother has called them twice and they need to get up.
  • They both look at each other and they’re going, “Dad, she didn’t call us…” I ask the boys to go wash their hands and tell Polly that the boys say she didn’t call them.
  • Our friend laughs and says, “That’s just a guy thing.”


There are differences between boys and girls.

  • Our friends have two boys and two girls.
  • They said all four of them can be watching TV and the girls will hear their mom calling, but unless she gets in front of the TV and gets the boys’ attention, their focus won’t be drawn away.


Tune in to the full episode for further insight on communication gaps, and to hear Andy’s hilarious account of his genius” brother-in-law trying to explain the latest TV technology to a tech-averse Andy.


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