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Coming soon on the Educate podcast
Seven new episodes beginning Aug. 6.

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In the 1940s a British headmaster named Kurt Hahn set up a wilderness school called Outward Bound to teach young men the skills they needed to survive World War II -- skills like leadership, persistence, and working together. Hahn believed these were skills conventional schools should focus on too. Fifty years later, Hahn's ideas about education inspired the founding of a network of public schools in the United States...

Educate > Invent to Learn

Many educators say the best way to learn is by combining what you learn in school with real-world practice and that making something yourself or with peers is its own reward. Guest: Sylvia Libow Martinez, Co-Author of Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom.

Educate > Clinton and Trump don't talk much about education

Education has hardly been mentioned in the presidential debates. We look at where the candidates stand.
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