Episode: Introducing American History Tellers | 1

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Introducing American History Tellers | 1

American History Tellers. Our History, Your Story

Premieres January 3rd.

American History Tellers
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American History Tellers > The Cold War - An Ideological War | 1

For nearly 50 years, the United States and Soviet Union waged a global war of ideas fueled by politics, intrigue, and nuclear weapons. But how did the polarized ideologies of these two global powers threaten the existence of the entire world? This is Episode 1 of a six-part series on the Cold War. We’ll discover how the United States’ suspicion of communism not only led to a global stand-off, but threatened the freedom and democracy Americans so cherished at home...

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Welcome to a special bonus episode of American History Tellers! We wanted to remind you what we covered in Episodes 1 through 4, so if you’re new to this show, welcome! If you’re all caught up (gold star for you!) then you can skip right on to Episode 5.
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