Episode: AMHRadio Chats with "Paranormal Genealogist" Shannon Bradley Byers

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AMHRadio Chats with "Paranormal Genealogist" Shannon Bradley Byers
America's Most Haunted Radio with host Eric Olsen was live last night at 8pE with guest Shannon Bradley Byers on the IPBN radio network. Listen to the podcast right here!

Shannon Bradley Byers, the "Paranormal Genealogist," is a paranormal investigator and educator who infuses paranormal investigation with genealogical and historical research, and lectures in the Southeast on how to blend them into a seamless whole.

She teaches para-enthusiasts and professionals that the "TV show history" of a location is not always correct and that it is critical for them to do their own research and not take legends at face value.

Using examples such as Lavinia Fisher at the Old Charleston Jail, and Pearl Bryan at Bobby Mackey's Music World, Shannon shows how para-entertainment has skewed history and how incorrect the "facts" they supply to their audience and paying paranormal investigators sometimes are, and how incorrect facts can hinder a paranormal investigation.

Byers also uses historic metro Atlanta locations to demonstrate how even the most basic facts such as the location of a given event aren't always correct. As former assistant director and department chair for the National Paranormal Society, she has authored many educational articles that are used as training material for members.

In 2013 the team she co-founded with her husband in 2003, Timeless Paranormal, was featured in the A DAY TRIP documentary shown on EATV.

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