Episode: America's Most Haunted Steps Into the Beyond with Psychic, Visionary Laura Lyn

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America's Most Haunted Steps Into the Beyond with Psychic, Visionary Laura Lyn
On this week's episode of America's Most Haunted Radio, we talk with top-tier psychic Laura Lyn; Eric and Theresa discuss overwhelming media and reader response to America's Most Haunted book, published 9/30 by Berkly/Penguin; and Theresa details Haunted Housewives November ghost hunt/benefits. Laura Lyn is a renowned Northeast Ohio-based psychic medium, paranormal investigator, teacher and author, who works primarily with angels, spirits and guides. She first began having experiences with angels and spirits as a small child.  In her early twenties she decided to pursue working with these enlightened beings as a career to help others in their search for healing and personal development. Laura’s focus is to bring forth the awareness of healing through love, while teaching many how to open up to their own spiritual potential. She has published three books, Healing with the Angel Rays, The ABC’s of Psychic Development, and Realm to Realm the Spirits Journey. Laura takes her amazing Meet the Medium show to the Kent Stage, Wednesday, November 19, at 7pm, where she will demonstrate various reading techniques and explain how they work, in addition to leading a ghost hunt through the the famously haunted Kent Stage theater after the show. Eric has the honor of MCing!    

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