Episode: Jonny Benjamin MBE: What 'You Are Not Alone' Really Means

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Jonny Benjamin MBE: What 'You Are Not Alone' Really Means

Introducing my joint first guest of season two, mental health activist Jonny Benjamin MBE! I laughed and I cried in equal measure while producing this episode, which has themes ranging from Jonny’s mental health journey; his experience of growing up gay in the Jewish community; and the perils of hiding your phone from yourself when you live alone. Jonny was SO funny and easy to talk to – qualities that make him ever the more inspiring in the wake of what he’s been through. In 2008, Jonny stood on the edge of Waterloo Bridge ready to take his own life – but was saved thanks to a chance intervention from a stranger. Since then, Jonny has dedicated his life to raising awareness surrounding mental illness and suicide. Even the Duke of Cambridge is a fan, providing the foreword to Jonny’s book, The Stranger on the Bridge. 


Jonny Benjamin’s book, The Stranger on the Bridge, is available from Amazon and Waterstones


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