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Alice Liveing

Alice Liveing is a part-time personal trainer, part-time superhero. A three-time bestselling author, she’s a woman on a mission to change our idea of what strength looks like, hosting a podcast of her own, Give Me Strength, where she chats to everyone from Olympians to glossy magazine editors about what their idea of strength looks like. 

I’ve followed Alice on Instagram for years, where she shares brilliant workout videos combined with thorough explanations and positive mantras. In person, I found her every bit as sunny and approachable as her social media presence suggests. During the recording of this episode, Alice radically changed the way I think about self care – I loved her suggestion that sometimes self care is just getting out of bed in the morning, a notion I’m sure many of us can relate to. Our conversation ranged from the benefits of exercising alone to the important issue of domestic violence, something Alice herself has experienced first-hand.


Alice is an ambassador for Women’s Aid, a charity which aims to end domestic violence against women and children. For those looking for further information and support, visit the Women’s Aid website on womensaid.org.uk.


Twitter: @ChezSpecter @aliceliveing_


Instagram @ChezSpecter @alonementofficial @aliceliveing

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