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Alexandra Shulman

One of the great perks of recording this podcast is the chance to chat to some of my career idols. This week’s guest, former British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman, is not only someone I’ve looked up to for years, but also my former boss. I began my career as a Vogue intern – where I picked up many of the skills that have seen me through my journalistic jobs, and got to see Alexandra – the longest-standing editor in Vogue’s history – in action.

In this episode, Alexandra reveals how her natural independence of thought and unflappability helped her succeed as a leader – ‘I’ve always had opinions’. She also shares honest anecdotes from her time at the magazine’s helm, including the time she got tongue-tied while sitting opposite Benedict Cumberbatch on a plane. It’s an anecdote about as far from The Devil Wears Prada – a film based on her US counterpart – as you can get.

We discuss everything from the myth of ‘having it all’ and single parenting to the role clothing plays in influencing your sense of self – a key topic at the heart of Alexandra’s latest book, ‘Clothes… and Other Things That Matter’ – available now on Amazon.


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Twitter: @chezspecter @AShulman2

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