Episode: Mindfulness, Rest and slothfulness, All in the Mind Awards, Compulsive sexual behaviour and the internet

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Mindfulness, Rest and slothfulness, All in the Mind Awards, Compulsive sexual behaviour and the internet
Over the last decade mindfulness has grown in popularity and is recommended in many settings such as the NHS, schools, the work place and prisons. But how strong is the scientific data? Mental Elf blogger Andre Tomlin and Professor Willem Kuyken review the evidence. All in the Mind Awards Judge Marion Janner talks to Claudia Hammond on the mindfulness of gardening and how to take part in the awards. Plus the search for rest: is being slothful still a sin? New research from Valerie Voon, a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist at Cambridge University, uncovers what's happening in the brains of people with compulsive sexual behaviour. The results suggest that the constant supply of novel images from the internet can drive this behaviour and Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist Graham Music discusses how the findings could be translated to the clinic.

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