Episode: Chapter 7: The evidence

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Chapter 7: The evidence
If Bob Young killed his girlfriend, he couldn’t be tried again, so holding onto the physical evidence in the case would be moot. In America, you can’t be charged twice for the same crime. But what if he’s innocent? In this episode of Accused, The Enquirer outlines its year-long quest to answer that question.

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In the days surrounding Beth’s death, area newspapers boasted front-page stories about body after body being exhumed from John Wayne Gacy’s property. Ted Bundy had been terrorizing the nation for four years. BTK was on the loose in Wichita, Kansas. The late ‘70s were a dark period in American history when it comes to crime, and that has some of Beth’s friends asking a question: Could Beth have been targeted by one of the many serial killers working the nation? The Enquirer explores that question in this episode of Accused – and learns there’s no shortage of avenues to pursue...

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A lot has changed since Beth was killed in 1978. Her boyfriend Bob Young has a daughter of his own. Beth’s friends can’t talk about her death without breaking immediately into tears. Her family’s view on Young’s guilt has evolved. But a few key things haven’t budged. And they could make all the difference in this case.

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Elizabeth Andes' friends and family don't point fingers when asked who they think might have killed the bubbly 23-year-old Dec. 28, 1978. But they worry that police zeroed in on Andes' boyfriend so quickly that authorities might have missed other worthwhile leads. Boyd Glascock was a quirky and artistic man who inserted himself into the murder investigation by showing up uninvited to boyfriend Bob Young’s house after Young had been arrested...
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