Episode: Episode 5: Dan Teran, Managed by Q

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Episode 5: Dan Teran, Managed by Q
In this episode, you’ll hear about: -How the company originally focused on residences rather than offices before realizing there was a better opportunity in the latter -Why it’s all about the company’s narrative during a startups early phases -The sustainable infrastructure program Dan created while at Hopkins that is now one of the most robust university programs in the U.S.  -How his older brother inspired him to take control of his life (and why being smart doesn’t mean much if you don’t also work hard) -What really motivates great entrepreneurs, and why building things is a better catalyst for change than politics -What success means to Dan and how this permeates the business of Managed by Q Be sure to catch the end of the episode, where we talk about our mutual love for Kurt Vonnegut and hear who Dan would most want to interview if given the chance.

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