Episode: Episode 3: Danny Ellis, SkySpecs

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Episode 3: Danny Ellis, SkySpecs
In this episode you’ll hear about: -How SkySpecs was born out of the University of Michigan’s incubator after building a drone for a senior design project. -How his years running a landscaping business in high school with a friend built his foundation for entrepreneurship. -Why a strong network is key to building a company. -How his Dad’s “let’s build it ourselves” mentality made him inclined to study engineering. -A class that involved creating and racing blimps that changed the entire course of his career. -Why the low-cost, open space in Michigan made it an easy choice to stay in the Midwest versus moving to the Bay (and why having investors nearby makes all the difference). We’ll end things off with the usual fun questions, where you’ll hear about Danny’s love of 3D printing in both his personal and professional life.

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