Episode: Episode 80: What Does It Take to Reinvent Yourself?

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Episode 80: What Does It Take to Reinvent Yourself?


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” — George Bernard Shaw

Are you currently reinventing yourself or a part of your life? Want to learn how to work on the process with more ease and clarity? You NEED to listen to the entire episode with special guest Carolyn Herfurth, Creator of  Carolyn’s Burn The Bullsh*t podcast. Don’t forget to share the episode and join the conversation by sharing your comments below! 

Meet Carolyn Herfurth

When accomplished business owners begin to wonder, “what else? what’s next?” — they call New York-based reinvention strategist, Carolyn Herfurth. 

Carolyn is that needle-in-a-haystack thought partner who insists that “nobody puts Baby in a corner” when it comes to living up to your greatest vision. So she sashays in (minus Swayze’s abs) to get your ass on the dance floor where you belong, by linking your universe of past experiences with the custom strategy to create more meaning and more money.  

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